Travel Friendly Skin Care Hacks That Won’t Leave You Stranded

Any time I travel on an airplane my skin suffers. Whether it is the stress of preparing for the trip, the change in airplane humidity, change in water, climate, food or routine, I get a blemish and my skin never quite looks it’s best.

This list of travel friendly skin hacks won’t leave you stranded so you can prepare for the worst and keep your skin glowing.

This is not about how to pack or plan a trip. It is only about your skin and ways you can take care of it while you are making memories on your next adventure.

Just the stress of travel planning will set your skin up for freakish behavior from blemishes to hives, a rash and even wrinkles. Booze, stress, dehydration, time changes, different water and bacteria will take it’s toll on your skin as well.

You are doomed to dull and troubled skin without some skin love!


Preparing For Your Trip


images-2THE DAY BEFORE YOU LEAVE  for your trip stop drinking alcohol and eating salt. They will make your body puffy and you will retain fluid. Start drinking water to keep your internal system hydrated. It is a simple detox for the body.

Drink water on the airplane and avoid salt and alcohol on the flight as well.






Bring your own healthy snack which includes cut up fruit.

If the flight is long, rinse your moisturized face with a makeup wipe  or bottled water and a soft cloth you have packed.

Then smear the cut  fruit or it’s juice on your face for a few minutes for a quick facial fruit peel.  It will revitalize your skin. Rinse. Follow with more rich moisturizer.  see article.




images-4Pack as much of your own cosmetics as you can. Your skin likes familiar things when the environment is assaulting it. Keep some small plastic travel jars and bottles on hand so you can always pack what you need.

I get my travel bottles at the Dollar Store…usually three containers to a package, even a spray bottle.  They also sell jars.

On my last recent flight, the one quart bag rule for liquids did not apply.  They did not care how much I carried on the flight.  Check with your carrier.





PREPARE YOUR FACE FOR TRAVEL with a mild washing and exfoliate the night before you leave. Use a paste of sugar and coconut or olive oil to massage into my skin and lips, then rinse off.  Your face will feel like a baby’s bottom. You will whisk away dead skin cells and start your trip with a fresh glow. recipe ideas are here.


images-3Then use a mask of honey to add extra moisture to the skin. Honey is a humectant and will attract and hold moisture. It is also anti bacterial so if you are blemish prone, this simple mask should help that too. Rinse it off after 10 – 15 minutes. Follow with a moisturizer that is friendly to your face and neck.







USA, New Jersey, Young woman applying cream on shoulderI do not recommend wearing makeup or eye makeup on the airplane if it is a lengthy ride. Instead, slather on moisturizer before you leave home or in the restroom at the airport.

Your skin will dry out on the airplane as the air can get as low as 1% humidity on long flights.



When You Get To The Airport


ek73_einkaufenI love this tip: visit the Duty Free Shop and treat yourself to one of the very exclusive serums from the cosmetic counter, but only if your skin is not sensitive to new products.

Treat your hands to a thick hand cream while you are there.  If you did not bring a rich lip balm, now is the time to buy one.




After You Board The Airplane



Be sure you are wearing a 20+ SPF sunscreen if you are sitting at a window seat. Traveling at  30,00 feet for one hour is equal to a tanning bed visit for 20 minutes.  You do not want to arrive with a sunburn on one side of your face.

Instead, try to reserve an aisle seat or close the window shade.




Pack some soothing eye drops in your on board bag to rehydrate your eyes and a good eye cream with caffeine to use before you exit the plane. Otherwise fluid retention from the flight will show on your face. At least your eyes will be ready to meet your new surroundings.



contact lense caseMy daughter taught me this trick: Use an extra Contact Lens  container to hold dabs of moisturizer  and sun screen to replenish skin after the flight.

That little container filled with the same products will also be handy as you tour your destination and take minimal space in your day pack.

At Your Destination


bottled waterAsk about the quality of the water that comes out of the tap or shower.  85% of America’s water is hard with a high mineral count.

If you are in a foreign country or another location with questionable water, do not hesitate to use bottled water to wash your hair, face  or body.  Keeping your skin comfortable will guarantee a happier trip for it and you.

Or, pack a portable water filter to help with overly hard water or contaminated water.  I am no expert on these so here is a link to some. Tell me if you have a recommendation.





how to apply

The “lazy girl” way to take care of your skin while traveling is with a sheet mask.

You can purchase the perfect one for your skin type and nourish your face so it always glows. And they come in all price ranges. Use one for every week you are away.

This picture shows how to apply it.  At the end of a tiring day have a beverage and put your feet up with one of these for 20 minutes.



This beauty packing chart may help you as you plan your trip.  Stay well and beautiful. Have a great trip.



Final Travel Inspiration For Your Spirit


It would not be a responsible Healthy Beauty Junkie blog post without recognizing that traveling is not all about caring for your body.

The best reason to travel is to renew your spirit.  Enjoy this piece I found by; John O’Donohue as inspiration for for your next trip. Go with joy and expectation and make a memory.


meditation for travel

It begins…..

Every time you leave home,
Another road takes you
Into a world you were never in.
New strangers on other paths await.
New places that have never seen you
Will startle a little at your entry....

read or listen to it here

Did you learn any beauty hacks you can use for your next trip?    What ideas can you add to the article?    Where do you like to go when you travel?     Have you ever used a facial mask?     Did you ever give yourself a ‘fruit peel’?     What does travel do for your spirit?    Leave a comment below.

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