There is nothing better than good nutrition to rev up your body’s health. I found four food staples that will have your body’s largest organ, your skin, glowing whether you eat them or wear them.

Diane:face mask

You will see how my skin glows after the mask is removed.  There is a mask for everyone here, including one at the end of the blog ( p.s.) which is really different.


make a note: There is a scheduling change.  Because of circumstances in my life I must adjust my publishing schedule. You will receive one to two blog posts a month after this one one a Saturday morning.

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Bras 101- They Lift Us Up And Let Us Down


Like most little girls, I could not wait to be old enough to wear a bra. Around fifth grade my girlfriends started noticing who was wearing a bra and who wasn’t.  I have been through many phases of bra envy and rebellion. How about you?

This blog post is not about social statements but how to get the most out of this strip of technical engineering.  Join me for an updated lesson in “Bras – 101.”

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