Get Complexion Perfection And Avoid The Toxins


A six week fix to glowing skin but beware of the toxins lurking on the road to complexion perfection.


Some years ago a study done at University of St. Andrews, in Scotland, showed that women who boosted their fruit and vegetable intake for six weeks achieved a more glowing complexion. there was actually a color change in their skin.

The reason for the natural flush? Certain produce contains pigments called carotenoids. “These red/yellow plant pigments are distributed to the skin surface when we eat fruits and veggies,” said head researcher Ross Whitehead. Women who increased their produce showed a rosier tint, while women who did not had paler undertones in their skin.


So if you are looking for a great beauty hack for glowing skin, reach for more servings of high quality fruits and vegetables.

You can avoid the high cost of some creams and makeup by just eating right. Simple.

I guess beauty does come from within.





If those fruits and vegetables are not organic, you may be poisoning yourself – adding toxins to your body.  In the long run that is not going to give you a heathy glow.


Here is the scoop.


The Environmental Working Group (EWG) just revealed their list of the dirtiest and cleanest produce for 2017.  I am only going to discuss the two dirtiest and give you links, below, to learn more for yourself.


The two ‘dirtiest’ foods are so commonly eaten by health seeking consumers that they deserve a negative nod from this healthy beauty junkie.  Ready?















STRAWBERRIES – quoted by the EWG:

“USDA tests found that strawberries were the fresh produce items most likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues, even after they are picked, rinsed in the field and washed before eating.

If you want to avoid pesticides and don’t want strawberries grown in soil injected with nerve gases, EWG advises that you always buy organically grown berries. We make the same recommendation for other Dirty Dozen™ foods.”  Read more about it here.


SPINACH – quoted by the EWG:

“new federal data shows that conventionally grown spinach has more pesticide residues by weight than all other produce tested, with three-fourths of samples tested contaminated with a neurotoxic bug killer that is banned from use on food crops in Europe.”  Read more about it here.


You can see the whole list of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ in produce here

You can see the whole list of the  the ‘Clean Fifteen” here

Read the EWG report here

Learn more about the EWG here


I am not trying to be an alarmist.  The toxins in these foods warrant concern for anyone who wants to be healthy from the inside out.  Being an informed consumer is one of the ways to be a healthy beauty junkie.♥




Now you know.  I would appreciate your feedback.  Was this helpful?   Will it make a difference in how you buy produce?  Did you know you could add a glow to your skin by eating better?   Did you know about the EWG?  (If you are subscribed to Healthy Beauty Junkie, it is part of my five secret beauty hacks I send to subscribers)   Will you share this post with your friends?


If you would like to know how I stay healthy and reduce toxins in my body or if you want to know about my skin care routine, just write me We can discuss your needs.

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