Five Things You Need To Know About Beauty At Walgreens

Today I learned five things about beauty at Walgreens Pharmacy that I did not know and I knew you would like to hear about it. So, here is a cutting edge post about the beauty news at the store ‘at the corner of healthy and happy’.


#1) Meet Elizabeth.  She is a ‘Beauty Consultant’ at my corner Walgreens who will happily give you a make over, keep a record of your beauty wishes & needs, and use fancy instruments to measure your skin’s moisture level or find the perfect match of foundation to your skin. She knows…


her products and she can charm you with information about ingredients with ease. This more sophisticated approach to customer service in the beauty department was a breath of fresh air to me, a beauty junkie.

Most Walgreens stores have this service now and training is on going for these beauty consultants. Stop in your corner Walgreens and meet your beauty consultant.



#2) Walgreens has merged with Boots #7 and Soap and Glory brands from the United Kingdom.The products are finally in the stores and new displays show Walgreens enthusiasm over this unveiling.


Boots #7 is an anti aging line of high quality with highly regarded serums, makeup and so much more. Walgreens beauty consultant will tell you glowing things about this product line which has been part of this mega pharmacy for couple of years. Target stores used to be the exclusive marketer of Boots #7.

I thought the prices were reasonable and the ingredients passed my critical eye for the most part. When I went in they had a “buy one get one half off” sale. Yea.


Soap & Glory is a designed for a younger clientele. Three fragrances ( Shea, honey and lime) are in body butters, lotions, shower gels and fun, fancy, boxed kits. They would be great gifts and sport a 40’s-50’s vintage theme. There is makeup too.

One box says; “Happy Birthday” and is so cute you can deliver it to the birthday girl without extra wrapping. It is about $20. and has several items in it.  I see stocking stuffers and  gifts for my kids here. There was the same sale on this brand too.



#3)Ask to have the moisture in your skin measured. Really!  Elizabeth did it right there with a special reader. 20 – 30% means you are seriously dehydrated. 30 – 40% means you are slightly dehydrated and if your skin is over 40% you are well hydrated.





#4) Boots#7 has a Match Made device which will match your skin perfectly to any Boots#7 foundation. That will take the fear out of buying drug store foundation for so many women.  A test in the UK showed 95% of the women who used the Match Made got a perfect match.



#5) I did not know that every cosmetic container had a “use by” symbol on it somewhere. Take a look at this box and this package of makeup wipes.











The box on the left shows an opened cap with a (24M) meaning use within 24 months after opening. The arrow in the circle means you can recycle the container. On the right, the marking shows you are to use the product within 6 months (6M) of opening.



This was a beauty hack that we can all use if you are a Walgreens shopper. I know there are Walgreens Pharmacys in Ontario for my Canadian readers. I wish Walgreens well with this new beauty service concept. I think many of us have been secretly wanting this. Now you have somewhere else to go besides Sephora or Ulta.


Let me know if you liked this blog post in the comments section, below. It helps me to know what you want to know about.

Enjoy the changing leaves and cooler air.

May my readers affected by Hurricane Matthew be safe.♥


Will you shop at Walgreens and use their new services?  Have you ever had the moisture level of your skin measured?  Did you know how to read the “use by” date on a cosmetic?



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