Travel Friendly Skin Care Hacks That Won’t Leave You Stranded

Any time I travel on an airplane my skin suffers. Whether it is the stress of preparing for the trip, the change in airplane humidity, change in water, climate, food or routine, I get a blemish and my skin never quite looks it’s best.

This list of travel friendly skin hacks won’t leave you stranded so you can prepare for the worst and keep your skin glowing.

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Five Things You Need To Know About Beauty At Walgreens

Today I learned five things about beauty at Walgreens Pharmacy that I did not know and I knew you would like to hear about it. So, here is a cutting edge post about the beauty news at the store ‘at the corner of healthy and happy’.


#1) Meet Elizabeth.  She is a ‘Beauty Consultant’ at my corner Walgreens who will happily give you a make over, keep a record of your beauty wishes & needs, and use fancy instruments to measure your skin’s moisture level or find the perfect match of foundation to your skin. She knows…

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There is nothing better than good nutrition to rev up your body’s health. I found four food staples that will have your body’s largest organ, your skin, glowing whether you eat them or wear them.

Diane:face mask

You will see how my skin glows after the mask is removed.  There is a mask for everyone here, including one at the end of the blog ( p.s.) which is really different.


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