I don’t know about you but I am looking for ways to thrive instead of survive this winter, for that matter, all through the year.

In my home we have had bad colds before and after the holidays and family hospitalizations. Put plummeting temperatures, skin changes and bills to pay in the mix.



Top it off with politics as unusual and you have a winter of stress.  Emotional and physical challenges are all around.

Does this sound anything like your life too?   Take a few minutes and read what you can do to thrive instead of survive this winter. I have compiles my own  ‘thrive’ hacks and researched some goodies for you.


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Bras 101- They Lift Us Up And Let Us Down


Like most little girls, I could not wait to be old enough to wear a bra. Around fifth grade my girlfriends started noticing who was wearing a bra and who wasn’t.  I have been through many phases of bra envy and rebellion. How about you?

This blog post is not about social statements but how to get the most out of this strip of technical engineering.  Join me for an updated lesson in “Bras – 101.”

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