My mom had Breast Cancer and because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I am writing to acknowledge the fight to harness a cancer that is so prevalent among women and teach “boob care” for healthy beauty junkies.

You will learn four strategies for breast health, a beauty hack for cancer patients, recommended research groups where donations can be made to fight this disease and I will link other helpful websites to teach and empower you about Breast Cancer.



With statistics like these women need to be pro active about their breast health.  Breast Cancer is the second most prevalent cancer among women, behind Skin Cancer.

It is estimated that more than 246,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2016 alone, according to the American Cancer Society. About 1 in 8 women of all ages in the US will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.1


Six strategies For Boob Care


  1. Know Your Body. Examine your breasts monthly in the shower with a slick, soapy hand which makes the exam easier. Check the breast and the underarm area. Press hard enough to feel lumps or nodules deep into the breast tissue.


2). Know Your Family History   Family history is a risk factor you can’t change. But you can be aware of it—and be sure your doctor knows about it.    

Even male family members who have had cancer should be mentioned to your doctor.

About 5-10 percent of breast cancer cases are thought to be hereditary, according to the American Cancer Society.   This survey will help you learn if you are at higher risk for Breast Cancer because of family history.


3) Get Screened.  If you notice something unusual to during your self-exams, follow up with your doctor right away. Ask about your potential risk factors, like weight and family history.

Mammograms can help detect breast cancer early. Experts from  the American Cancer Society suggest you start getting annual mammograms by age 45.



4) Watch Your Weight.  After menopause, when the ovaries stop producing estrogen and other hormones, fat tissue becomes the largest supplier of estrogen. Being overweight can put women at increased risk for estrogen-responsive breast tumors.

Work with your doctor to set an appropriate weight goal for you. If you’re already above your goal, it’s important not to gain additional weight.



5). Eat a Healthy Diet.   A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and oily fish such as salmon may help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.7

Drink alcohol in moderation—try to stick to no more than one drink a day.  Research has linked alcohol intake with cancer risk.  Talk to your doctor about your alcohol intake and be honest with yourself about your consumption.



6). Keep Moving.  A lifetime of activity is best but if you are not active, start moving every day. Studies suggest that 30-60 minutes of moderate- to high-intensity exercise every day is associated with a reduction in breast cancer risk for post menopausal women according to the National Cancer Institute.


The above information was largely from an article from Walgreens Newsletter. It is concise and you may want to access it here.



Meet my friend Lisa during Breast Cancer Treatment




Lisa Stephenson is my health coach, a gentle advisor and has become a friend.


In October, 2013 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer after dropping twenty pounds. Her doctor thought the loss of weight using Take Shape For Life’s healthy lifestyle teachings allowed her to feel the lump and get prompt treatment.


This is Lisa’s  beauty hack for anyone

experiencing cancer treatment.


My friend Julie told me, after I had been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and once my doctors and I  set course for action of chemo and radiation treatments, to be sure to look my very best every time I left the house.


  She said most of the time I would not feel like it, but she assured me there was magic in it.   And there was. 


The energy and lift that accompanied tending my skin care, my make up, my hair (while I had it, then beautiful scarves after I lost it), and well chosen clothing was astounding. 


I greeted people confidently, smiling, looking them soulfully in the eye earning uplifted and uplifting smiles in return.  I felt like I looked good so I behaved like I felt –  good! 


The magic in looking your best promotes hope and health and well being, a claim supported by my team of doctors who marveled at my progress.


I apply this magic in my life daily and take extra care when things feel out of control.  Our body and our health are our greatest asset so why not take good care and look our best.  Abracadabra!


Lisa post treatment

Lisa after treatment. Isn’t she lovely.

 More Links About Breast Cancer


See the five top rated Pink Ribbon Charities. Click here.


The American Cancer Society site to learn about all cancer screening guidelines. Click here.



Four stories of families living with Breast Cancer. Click here.  These are in a local, St. Louis, MO. magazine called: Gazelle Stl.  The timely article touched me and will better inform you.



Healthy beauty is what I am promoting in this blog and website. This Breast Cancer post is meant to help you be a wise consumer, a healthy woman and a beautiful soul who cares for her health.  Pass it on to other women, young and more mature.  Don’t be a stupid boob!♥






Did you learn anything about breast health?

 Will this encourage you to get a breast exam or mammogram?

Do you know anyone who has experienced breast cancer?

 Please share your thoughts in the comments section of the blog, below.

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