About Me

Diane Neerium Sig

My grandmother wrapped her face in plastic wrap when she went to bed so her face cream would not stain her pillow case. That was my first beauty hack!

I had Acne until I was in my thirties and when I started a skin care regimen it cleared up and I felt beautiful.

I sold cosmetics and noticed how so many women left me standing taller and more confident.

My husband, a minister, told me I could do more for a woman in one facial than he could do in three counseling sessions.

Plagued by episodes of depression, often the way I would deal with it was to dress up and take myself to lunch. But first I would stop at a cosmetic counter if they were not busy and ask for a mini makeover or to try their new colors. I felt prettier at lunch.

At forty- five I was stricken with a malady which, years later, was diagnosed as Adult Onset Tourettes Syndrome. The first fifteen years were rather debilitating with shaking, staggering, vocal outbursts, body tics and with severe sensitivity to light, sound and temperature changes. My behavior in public was unpredictable.

Hey, I was the minister’s wife with a public presence and I liked the presence. I decided early on to not let this comedy of body flailing interfere with my role. I liked attention too much. So I decided to teach people how to treat me.

That is a story unto itself but it lead me to go back to work in skin care, help other women and men be fabulous and self confident with their skin. To my surprise, my impact was pretty great.Teaching people how to treat me was a ministry unto itself.

People often have told me how much they learned about themselves from watching me maneuver my health issues. I taught them how to treat me and they learned how to treat themselves in return.