I don’t know about you but I am looking for ways to thrive instead of survive this winter, for that matter, all through the year.

In my home we have had bad colds before and after the holidays and family hospitalizations. Put plummeting temperatures, skin changes and bills to pay in the mix.



Top it off with politics as unusual and you have a winter of stress.  Emotional and physical challenges are all around.

Does this sound anything like your life too?   Take a few minutes and read what you can do to thrive instead of survive this winter. I have compiles my own  ‘thrive’ hacks and researched some goodies for you.


But first I invite you to make a cup of tea , put your feet up and settle into a comfortable spot to read this blog post. (Well, that is an obvious thrive hack.)



  1. Bring a smile to your face with a bouquet of fresh flowers  in the house.  Put them where you can see them often.  They can be a pricey luxury, so buy them as a treat or for a special occasion. If your budget allows, enjoy them every day.





2) A hot bath with essential oils or epsom salts to soothe your muscles can revive or relax you daily if you wish – a very affordable luxury.  Listen to calming music, light candles, or just lock the door for a few minutes of privacy. I am fond of  the harp music from Amy Camie to relax me. Find it here.





3) Journaling or writing a gratitude list will always lift you out of the dumps. Reminding yourself how blessed you are has healing effects.  Journaling can help you process fear, sadness, decisions and more. Taking time to add this to your day will ultimately ground and sustain you.

OR, pray. Based on your religious beliefs, this can be calming and a healing way to release your problems.

3a.) I will also throw in the idea of reading a good book as recreation. This List from the New York Times may be helpful.





4) Massage is an obvious gesture toward self care. It feels good to be touched and the skin benefits from the stimulation and lubrication.

But have you tried Reflexology?  It is a shorter, more concentrated massage of the pressure points in the feet which connect of all of your organs.

I did this in Maine while on vacation this fall. I waltzed through the remainder of the day without the headache I had  before the session. Thirty minutes of sheer bliss. I recommend it! Read more here.





5) Animals have a powerful effect on your well being. They can lower your blood pressure & cortisol (a stress hormone) and so much more. Cuddle a cat or dog. Walk them at the local shelter. Borrow a neighbor’s pet. Adopt one.  Read more about it here.






6)  Take a walk or exercise out of doors. The energy of the earth goes through the feet (especially if you are barefoot) to restore the body energy and the walking  boosts endorphins.   Read about it.





7) This adult coloring book craze is not a joke.  I have done it.  It is relaxing, transporting and worth the price of a coloring book and pencils.  (I like these)

I think it is the perfect ten minute stress reducer to do on your lunch break or before bed. Unless you hated to color as a child, give it a try. You don’t even have to stay in the lines! Learn more about it here.





8) I really love the aromatherapy mister my daughter gave me for Christmas. The house smells clean when I use it. I like citrus oils to boost my mood. When my husband had a cold I used Eucalyptus oil to help him breathe. Sometimes I use Lavender oil to help us sleep. shop here.





9) We clean the outside of our bodies, so why not the inside of our bodies?

Try a Nutritional Cleanse.  I am adding that to my ‘thrive ‘ arsenal this winter. You do it weekly to help rid your body of environmental and dietary toxins. Weight is less likely to creep back on with  toxins out of the cells. The body experiences health without the toxin sludge.

The nutritional cleanse  feeds the body with special nutrients in liquid form and gently gives the digestive system and liver a day off.   Learn more about it here.

If you are thinking about starting this weight loss, cleansing, energy program, take this survey.  After you take the survey you can make a phone appointment for more discussion and/or purchase.


Note: This science based program is for people who know they need to eat less restaurant and grocery store processed food.  It is a meal replacement program so your grocery budget can be used on it.

This meal replacement/cleanse system requires a 90 day commitment to get ideal results.

I am an affiliate for this, which means I make a few sheckels when you make a purchase, but you do not pay more.  Don’t let that stop you from thriving.





10. This is a healthy beauty blog so I want you to have a great facial mask this winter.  This one will feed your face antioxidants, give deep moisture  and give a lactic acid boost for removing dead skin cells.  It is my favorite homemade mask. It is the Anti Aging Mask For Face And Hands.  Apply it weekly for best results.




There are more ways to ‘thrive’ during the winter. These should get your creative juices rolling.

I wish you good health this winter, 
prosperity in the new year,
lots of loving relationships
and a determination to take care of
your body and spirit throughout the year. Diane




Did any of these ‘thrive’ hacks appeal to you?  What do you do to thrive?  Do you color?

If you journal, what do you get out of it?  What book did you enjoy reading last year?

Have you ever done a nutritional cleanse?


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